Affordable Home Services


If the question is “How to turn an unattractive yard or an unfinished basement into an exciting new living space that adds to the value and enjoyment of a home,” Stapleton residents Gregg Schulman, Geoff Seale and Sarah Christian, ASLA, have the answers with their affordable home services.

Gregg started Affordable Home Services in July of 2003 to create living spaces outdoors and in basements that are natural, esthetic and functional extensions to the home. His company offers a full range of services that include the design, installation and maintenance of landscape, the design and construction of custom decks and patios and state-of-the art basement & garage finishing. He also offers custom carpentry.

But it is the landscape that has brought the Stapleton neighbors together. Affordable Home Services has teamed up with Geoff Seale’s Showcase Landscaping and Sarah Christian’s Landscape Architectural Design to deliver what the three professionals say is one of the best home improvement investments.

“We take each customer through a complete process to help identify their unique needs and vision for their yard or basement, including such considerations as personal preferences, functional requirements, aesthetics, privacy, maintenance, budget, kids and pets,“ Gregg said. “At the end of our process, we will have created a highly customized plan for our clients that reflect their personality and lifestyle and that does not look mass produced.”

Together, Gregg, Geoff and Sarah possess a strong focus on environmental issues and “Built Green” standards. They believe careful planning is essential in smaller, urban yards because every detail is seen closely and has greater impact. The three also maintain a commitment to their community. Affordable Home Services and Showcase Landscaping are donating a percentage of their profits to the Westerly Creek Elementary School/Community Garden project pioneered by Sarah Christian.