Plants that Repel Mosquitos


With all the rain Stapleton has had last fall and this year, there is a lot of concern about mosquitos.  Don’t spend our short but glorious summers being held captive inside by mosquitos.  Oils found in certain types of plants, especially herbs, are natural mosquito deterrents that will help keep your garden mosquito-free.  You can place them in pots or in the ground to create mosquito free zones and/or make your own natural repellant by crushing the leaves with a mortar and pestle to release the oils and then adding it to vodka, another mosquito repellant.  Let the mixture sit for 12 hours.  Once infused, add your natural repellent to a spray bottle and use as you would any store-bought mosquito repellent. Continue reading “Plants that Repel Mosquitos”

Landscaping Your Hell Strip


Urban Garden
Hardscape materials & plantings were chosen to complement the architecture of this Spanish style home. Designed by Sarah Christian, RLA.

The rectangular piece of lawn between the sidewalk and the street was historically known as the tree lawn but has also been referred to as the median strip, parking strip, right of way, boulevard and “hell strip.” Colorado horticulturist and author Lauren Springer said in a 2010 New York Times article, “It’s a strip and it’s hellish. It’s hard for plants to grow there.” She listed the hardships of the hell strip, which include dog waste, snowpack, road salt, and reflected pavement heat that can reach 150 degrees at ground level. Continue reading “Landscaping Your Hell Strip”