Asian Landscaping

Asian LandscapingAsian LandscapingAsian Landscaping





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A combination of formal and informal: Balance and symmetry are combined with imperfection and man-made is combined with natural when focusing on Asian landscaping.

Overall Sense: Meditative is the overall sense with Asian landscaping.

Geometry: Free-form, organic shapes with meandering paths or, for a more modern take, concrete squares or rectangles with grass or moss in the spaces between.

Hardscape: Paving should be simple and natural. Examples in regards to Asian landscaping include natural stone, pea gravel, exposed aggregate, and concrete for a modern approach. Dark granite rocks and boulders are also used in naturally occurring, varied shapes and sizes but consistent color and texture. Do odd-numbered groupings. A sense of enclosure is provided by fences & gates made from bamboo or wood with a grid pattern.

Plants: Examples of plants with Asian landscaping include Japanese maple, weeping flowering cherry, ginko, mugho pine, bamboo, boxwood, grasses, hosta, and sweet flag. The space should not be filled completely and should have some voids.

Lawn: no lawns are usually part of the Asian landscaping

Furniture & Décor: There should be minimal décor since the emphasis is on nature, however, simply designed furniture in bamboo, teak or stone works best. Water features are integral and should be simple in design and made of stone. Stone lanterns, rain chains, and wind chimes are also used.