French Landscape

French LandscapeFrench Landscape





French LandscapeFrench Landscape





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Formal or Informal: The French landscape can be created in a formal or informal way more reminiscent of French country gardens.

Overall sense: The French landscape adopted many principles from renaissance gardens but incorporated a style of their own that represented control over nature.

Geometry: The French landscape design is geometric with symmetry. The home should be the number one focal point with paths that provide axial views and lead to something significant such as a fountain or sculpture. The remaining space is then arranged into a series of usable garden areas.

Hardscape: Common elements within the French landscape include flagstone patios, columns, formal shapes, stone edging along paths and planting beds, and pea gravel. Modern stone pavers, cobblestones and concrete can create the same ambience.

Plants: Different garden spaces are often created using a border of clipped boxwood, an allee of trees or topiary shrubs in containers. Fastigiate European Hornbeam or Columnar English Oak would achieve this feel. Plant material examples include boxwood, lavender, climbers & edibles in cool colors like purple, blue, white & green. Grapevine can be used on overhead structures.

Lawn: The principal axis is composed of lawn or gravel paths for the French landscape design.

Furniture & Décor: Water is the most important element and water features are in circular, oval and rectangular shapes. The furniture is simple and elegant, such as cast iron seating. Other elements include planters made of cast iron, wood, or glazed ceramic and statuary, urns, trellises and birdbaths.