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Natural Landscaping


Overall sense: Natural landscaping is a style inspired by nature and the surroundings. It has a strong regional identity and can be adapted to any region or ecosystem – prairies and meadows, mountain areas, and arid deserts.

Geometry: Both the hardscape and the plantings are generally natural and modeled after the natural features of the natural landscaping so that they appear undesigned. Another variation, however, could be a prairie garden of grasses with a more formal geometry. 

Hardscape: Hardscape elements of natural landscaping do not generally include walls, terraces, only a path and perhaps a bench. Gravel or wood mulch is commonly used for pathways. Hardscape materials, if any, are locally or regionally available and are in harmony with the surroundings. 

Plants: Plantings are free-form with soft edges. Plant more formal and non-native plants near the house and use the natives on the garden edges as a transition to the natural landscape beyond. Natural plantings often attract wildlife. If planting wildflowers, plant them in drifts the way they occur in nature. A prairie style planting would be denser than a mountainous planting which would occur between rocks and trees as in nature. 

Lawn: Minimal to no lawn care is required for Natural Landscaping.

Furniture & Décor: Furniture and décor should be representative of the region wherever possible.