Dog Urine Damage to Lawns

Summarized from CSU Extension Service, Garden Note #553 Damage to lawns from dog urine is a common problem in urban landscapes and the smaller the yard, the greater the impact – yet the causes and cures are frequently misunderstood. Many urban legends have cropped up, leading to the development of commercial products and the use … Continue reading “Dog Urine Damage to Lawns”

Alternatives to Lawn

Why replace your lawn? There are many alternatives to lawn. People usually replace their lawns for either maintenance or environmental reasons. The costs of lawn maintenance include fuel for power mowers, toxic emissions, fertilizers and pesticides, water consumption and your weekend time. Hiring a lawn care service will save you time and energy but the … Continue reading “Alternatives to Lawn”

We Are Featured on

Have you heard the news? Urban Gardens, Inc., a landscape design and consulting firm located in Denver, Colorado and owned and operated by Sarah Christian, is now featured on The new profile can be viewed at Called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, Houzz has the largest database of interior … Continue reading “We Are Featured on”

Fall & Winter Watering

WHY WATER? Unlike some parts of the country, Colorado can experience periods of especially harsh fall and winter conditions characterized by dry air, low precipitation, little soil moisture, and fluctuating temperatures. When we experience extended dry periods, there is not enough soil moisture which puts the root system of trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns at … Continue reading “Fall & Winter Watering”

Street Tree Pruning

Unlike most major cities, in Denver, property owners are responsible for the care and maintenance including pruning of their street trees even though the trees are located within the public right-of-way. This requirement is established by the Revised Denver Municipal Code (Chapter 57). As the street trees in Stapleton mature, trimming is beginning to become … Continue reading “Street Tree Pruning”

Home Work

By Kathy Epperson April 2006 Front Porch newspaper Adaptation and reinvention are common themes in the business world and guiding forces in entrepreneurship. Stapleton resident Sarah Christian originally developed a successful career in human resources for GTE (now Verizon) in Florida. She and her husband Steve were married thirteen years ago and just six … Continue reading “Home Work”

Affordable Home Services

If the question is “How to turn an unattractive yard or an unfinished basement into an exciting new living space that adds to the value and enjoyment of a home,” Stapleton residents Gregg Schulman, Geoff Seale and Sarah Christian, ASLA, have the answers with their affordable home services. Gregg started Affordable Home Services in July … Continue reading “Affordable Home Services”