Northfield Contemporary

pergola design

When this client moved from one Stapleton home to another, we were happy to have the opportunity to work with them again to create a new outdoor space.  As before, they wanted a simple, contemporary look.  They desired areas for sitting around a fire pit, dining, outdoor cooking and a water feature.

We chose the existing covered porch adjacent to the kitchen for the dining location and the remaining areas and features were located on the new patio.  The patio was poured with large joints that were filled with crushed black granite to define the separate functional areas and to contrast with the concrete.  Furniture for the sitting area was centered on a stainless steel fire pit.  The outdoor kitchen made of cabinetry suitable for outdoors was located adjacent to the dining area while the water feature was centered on both the dining and sitting areas allowing the sound to be enjoyed from either area.

A year later, the client contacted us again wanting to take the project a step further by designing something to further define the open patio space and make it feel less exposed.  We designed a metal pergola with architectural screens for a modern look and to provide partial shade and architectural interest.  The wood support beams provide a warm, natural element to contrast the modern elements and tie in with the dining chairs and cedar fence.  The cut-outs in the metal panels provide interesting shadows that move with the sun.