Traditional – Contemporary Mix

backyard Hardscape Design

This client started out needing to repair parts of their collapsing fence that had been built around large, mature trees.  One thing led to another and they ended up pursuing a total redesign of their back yard.  They wanted an inviting, contemporary design that would blend with their Park Hill traditional English Tudor home.  In addition to a new fence, their wish list included areas for sitting and entertaining around a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and covered dining space, a hot tub, lighting and a water feature.  Several large trees and overgrown plants as well as an outgrown play structure were removed, leaving a blank slate.


The original concrete patio was replaced with a larger one with straight rather than curved lines for a more modern look.  The dining and cooking areas were located against the house for easy access from the indoor kitchen.  The dining area was covered with a pergola for shade which was strung with bistro lights for evening ambiance. The outdoor kitchen, housing a grill, smoker and refrigerator was clad with brick that matched the existing and capped with black granite.

A concrete sitting area was located in the rear corner, centered around a stone fire pit with a black granite cap large enough for resting wine glasses and small plates.  Outdoor furniture resembling what you might find in a living room was selected for seating and is accompanied by sanded wooden stools made from the original tree stumps.

A hot tub was added on the opposite side of the yard with a composite wood sitting ledge for sunning and drying off.  Lighted wood steps and cladding were used to conceal the hot tub.

Water features are one of the most calming and inviting elements of the garden.  A modern style water feature was added to the area between the dining and sitting areas so that the sound of the water could be enjoyed from either area.

Lastly, concrete pavers were used to connect the large dining and outdoor kitchen area to the adjacent sitting and hot tub areas as shown on the landscape design plan and plants were added to soften the hard edges.

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